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Our Social Media Management Services Are Affordable & Effective

Here are the five steps required to ensure your social media investment pays
You must first decide what exactly it is that you want to achieve?
Define how you are going to achieve your objective
How are the different elements of you campaign going to appear
Use the most modern feature rich technology
Accurately measure the performance across multiple platforms
Social Media Marketing Goals
The biggest barrier to an effective return on investment (RoI) is not actually knowing why your company is on Social Media! DDM will help you identify the ways that can help your business excel on social media.
Social Listening / Monitoring
Using the latest systems we can monitor EVERY mention of your brand, company, name or whatever you need on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including hashtags!
Social Media Audit
It is critical to determine how your company is presently doing particularly in relation to your competitors. DDM can carry out a comprehensive analysis and provide you with key recommendations.
Paid Advertising Management
When you have got something that you really want the world to know about paid advertising is the way to go. Precisely targeted by age, gender, location, interests and more.
Social Media Strategy
Without a defined strategy your social media marketing expense will be wasted. Marketing a business is infinitely more complicated than 'throwing up a few posts' and ticking the box. To be effective a strategy is critical.
Comprehensive Reporting
Every month we will send you easy to understand (mostly visual) reports. Your social strategy relies on watching the peaks and valleys of your social media activity over time. Our reports make it easy to see which metrics have have gone up or down in any given period.

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