Motor Industry Marketing Has Changed

Social media today is what window dressing was to main street businesses fifty years ago. In the 21st-century that shop window has turned virtual and is now online.

Social and digital marketing gives you the opportunity to expand your brand awareness, generate interest in your products or services and ultimately to convert this activity and interest to sales.

The following are a sample of some of the services we offer and their prices. If you are not presently posting to social media very regularly we can do that for you. For example, if you just want us to be active and post to your Facebook page multiple times per week, prices start at just €55!

While it may seem like another additional cost to your business being active on social media will actually pay for itself many times over. If not, we will refund you 100% if you have signed up for a three month period.

SM Consultation
SM Consultation
  • Just Call To Book
  • Present SM Situation
  • Identify Challenges
  • Establish Priorities
  • Define Timeline
  • Goal Setting

Free!/50 minutes

Competitor Listening
Competitor Listening
  • Monitor 2 Competitors
  • Posts
  • Likes, Shares
  • Comments, Followers
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Monthly Analysis

99 / Month

Organic Search Audit
Organic Search Audit
  • Basic Site Audit
  • Error Report
  • Title/Meta Description
  • SEO Audit & Report
  • Robots.txt & XML Sitemap
  • Page Speed


SM Optimisation
SM Optimisation
  • Define SM Objectives
  • Channel Copywriting x 2
  • Optimise SM Branding
  • Supply Copyright Images
  • Content Recommendations
  • Bespoke Artwork


Press Release/Blog Post
Press Release/Blog Post
  • Compelling Content
  • Published Author
  • Royalty Free Image
  • SEO Optimised
  • Automotive Specialist
  • Any Automotive Subject


Social Media Audit
Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Goals
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis x 2
  • Target Audience
  • Strategy Outline
  • Recommendations

285 (Or Free!)

As a special introductory gift, we will carry out a Social Media Audit for your business free of charge if you get us to manage a minimum of two of your social media accounts for a three month period!

Other Services

Like a lot of digital marketing activities the amount of time required to carry out some functions depends on the what work has already been completed. To get a better idea of costs just take us up on our offer of a free fifty minute consultation and we will be happy to give you an accurate estimate.

Social Listening / Monitoring
Using the latest systems we can monitor EVERY mention of your brand, company, name or whatever you need to monitor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including hashtags!
Social Media Marketing Goals
The biggest barrier to an effective return on investment (RoI) is not actually knowing why your company is on Social Media! SMM will help you identify the ways that can help your business excel on social media.
Comprehensive Reporting
Every month we will send you easy to understand (mostly visual) reports. Your social strategy relies on watching the peaks and valleys of your social media activity over time. Our reports make it easy to see which metrics have have gone up or down in any given period.
Social Media Strategy
Without a defined strategy your social media marketing expense will be wasted. Marketing a business is infinitely more complicated than 'throwing up a few posts' and ticking the box. To be effective a strategy is critical.
Paid Advertising Management
When you have got something that you really want the world to know about paid advertising is the way to go. Precisely targeted by age, gender, location, interests and more.
Social Media Audit
It is critical to determine how your company is presently performing on social media, particularly in relation to your competitors. We will carry out a comprehensive analysis and provide you with key recommendations based on the results
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