Social Media Competitions & Promotions

Do you remember the 'Spot the Ball' competitions that newspapers used to run? Well Facebook competitions are the 21st century version of them and are a fantastic way to engage your followers and receive vital feedback from customers.
A quiz can be an entertaining way to test your customers or prospects’ knowledge about your product. Or to let them know about a feature you offer they may not be aware of! Use this contest type to showcase your least known features and educate your customers.
Sweepstakes are a great way to instantly increase engagement with existing and potential customers. You can give away lots of small prizes or just one really big one. Either way, you will gather more followers, increase brand awareness and get people talking about your company, both on and offline.
Photo Contest
This type of contest is great for generating free publicity online! You can ask the participants to tag themselves in the photo (with your product, in your premises etc.) so it will appear on their timeline and will get shared with all there friends.
SMM Will Take Care Of It
Social Media Motors uses the most up to date technology to design, monitor and ensure that your business gets the maximum possible RoI on every competition we run for you. Detailed analytics and analysis are part of the package, which cost a lot less than you might think!

On Social Media engaging with your potential and existing customers is essential.

Depending on what your objectives are for being on social media, online competitions are an excellent way to gather followers, spread your message, build your brand and to increase awareness. The administration of the competition is handled by SMM and we will provide you with a detailed analysis of those who took part and also be able to use this information to further refine your target audience.
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