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We manage social media accounts exclusively for the motor industry and related trades

Social media is now one of the most effective sales channels for the motor industry and related trades. A strong social media presence will help your motor business…
Attract New Customers
Social media expands your reach. Facebook alone has over 2 million users in Ireland and over half are motorists.
Sell more
By being active on social media your existing and prospective customers are more likely to buy from you. Nearly 74% of Irish car buyers said that they consult social media before buying a car.
Advertise effectively
Facebook and Google adverts can be targeted to specific locations and demographics with pinpoint accuracy.

Here’s how it works…

Car Salesman and customer

We get to know your business.

Our Social Media Specialists will talk with you to determine which plan will meet your business’ unique goals. It may include a social media audit, constructing buyer personas etc. Once you’re ready, we’ll build and/or optimise your pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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We Develop And Post Targeted Content

Together we will decide on which social media platforms will be the most effective in engaging your prospects and existing customers to deliver on your goals. Whether that is increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website or building your online community of followers we will post only the most suitable content.
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We Will Drive Your Business Forward

With the right social media strategy in place and engaging relevant online content you will stay one step ahead of the competition. Social media in 2018 is about engaging your customers on social when and where they decide. Maintaining the high standards of professionalism demanded by them is a complex and time consuming job. As Social Media Motors is Irelands first and only online media company which deals exclusively with the motor industry, you can be assured that your company will be setting the standard.

We take care of everything for you.

Find our how by clicking on any of the questions below
See What works
Every month we'll show how many like, shares or impressions each post gets and use that information to further improve your content.
Focus On Your Business
We'll handle all aspects of your social media presence, so you can spend your time running your business.
Keep It Fresh
We will guarantee that you will attract more visitors with new interesting content which can be written specifically for you by experienced motor industry professionals.
Stay in control
Along with your account manager you decide exactly the type of content you want us to publish for your business or dealership.
Make Your Business Known
If you're not on social media yet we'll take your photos and company information set up the right channels and build your profiles for you.
Content That's Optimised
We'll make sure that all your social media pages look great and have all the necessary up-to-date info that your customers and prospects need.
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